Custom VoIP Applications

Voiceriver has the expertise and capabilities to create custom VoIP applications to suite your technical specifications and needs.  Whether you are looking to integrate one of our currently available solutions, create a SIP endpoint with your own unique functionality, or develop a mission critical corporate platform, we can help.  We've already done each of these multiple times, and we have the happy and successful customers to show for it.
Based on a sound technical prowess and a reliable methodology for product development, we have successfully designed and delivered solutions that are truly visionary and innovative in communications and accessibility.  We have expertise in providing solutions in TTY (Baudot), Turbocode®, and E-Turbo™ modem applications, V.21 thru v.92 modem standards, SIP voice endpoints, and call monitoring and recording.  We have delivered products utilizing Windows and Linux operating systems and are intimately familiar with MicroTCA (µTCA), Asterisk, and other proprietary hardware common in the telecom industry.
Talk to us today about how our custom development capabilities can assist you in meeting your communication accessibility requirements.