Solutions For PSAPs

     - TTY “Softphone”

The original TTY/TDD communication devices were developed for use on analog telephone lines, which are also known as Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).  These TTY devices are antiquated by today's standards and they do not work well on the new Internet Protocol (IP) networks common to modern corporate phone systems.  As society increasingly moves toward IP based telecommunication, the desire or need to support TTY calls within the new infrastructures becomes increasingly burdensome. 
Voiceriver has developed an IP-based TTY application that meets the challenges of TTY communications in IP-based environments.  This application is known as "ipTTY" and is sold and supported by Tenacity, a company that provides accessibility products.  To learn more about ipTTY, we invite you to visit the link below. 
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     - TTY Conformance Testing 

Our implementation of "TTY conformance" testing allows us to not only determine TTY communication accuracy, but also identifies the conditions and points of failure within the system.   A pass / fail test can sometimes give a false sense of security with respect to real world TTY communications.  
Our methodology utilizes a high number of specialized tests which are designed to search out and  pinpoint areas within the TTY environment that are not performing correctly.  Once the areas of poor performance are identified within the system, these areas can be tuned and corrected, allowing the system to excel verses just pass / fail.
Testing is accomplished by a TTY device calling a phone number which is answered by an automated script.  The script authenticates the device and then transmits a series of text phrases utilizing worst case transmission characteristics and then measures the device's ability to correctly receive the phrases under these conditions. 
Voiceriver's in-depth knowledge of TTY communications allows us to assist customers in identifying and correcting issues common to TTY communications.  Contact us and let us show you how we can test, tune and validate your TTY environment as well as how our technology can assist in training those who use TTY.